Trimester 3:
Trimester 3 in physical education class is a busy time.  We are now in our new space and it is great to have the extra needed room to move.  Hopefully,our spring will cooperate and we will have lots of outside time.  We start off the trimester with finishing up our basketball unit with basketball like games.  The students will then practice their eye hand coordination skills while learning how to cup stack.  We then will go into dance and learn dances from around the world.  The students will also get to learn/practice some hockey skills using our pillow polo sticks.  Hockey like games will also be played.  Kindergarten and 1st grade will learn the basics of tennis and will try tennis outside.  The Montessori and 3rd grade will be getting ready for their track meet coming up in May.  The students will close out the school year with lots of throwing and catching games, 4 square, kickball, and T'ball.

Again this spring, physical fitness testing will take place.  Grade 3 will be assessed using the Fitness Gram Test and the younger grades will just practice on how to do the flexed arm test, push-ups, curl-ups, trunk lift, and running for distance.  Hopefully, improvement has taken place since last fall.

For grades 3-5, Lincoln will have their annual Track Meet at the hight school on Wednesday, May 16th.  In case of rain that day, the rain dates will be either May 17 or May 18.  More information on the track meet will be sent home closer to the date.  The All-City track meet will be held at the OHS track on Wednesday, May 23 at 4:30 p.m..
This event is for those 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students that qualified from their school track meet.

****Lincoln Track Meet times which are approximate times for the events are listed below:
****The field events will start at 9:00 a.m.  The order of running events are as follows:  these are approximate times 9:45 - hurdles, 10:15 - 50m dash, 10:45-100m, 11:15 - 400m, 11:45 - 3rd grade relays, 12:00- 4th grade relays, 12:15 - 5th grades relays, 12 noon - 3rd grade tug of war.  Parents are welcome to attend and watch. 


******Grades K, 1, and 2 will participate in Lincoln's Field day at school on May 24th.  The afternoon will be packed with stations and each class rotate from station to station showing of what they have learned in physical education class this year.  More information will be sent home the middle of May.

**Please remind your child to bring tennis shoes (a good running tennis shoe would be best) everyday for physical education class). 
We will be going outside a lot this spring so please have your child dress in layers as it is could ;in the mornings!

Please keep practicing with your child on how to tie shoes if they are still struggling with this skill.

"We don't stop playing, because we grow old.........We grow old because we stop playing!" - Author Unknown

*If your child has grown out of his or her tennis shoes, please buy a shoe for being active such as a running shoe.  We recommend tie or Velcro Shoes.  Shoes with open tops with Velcro straps such as Sketchers aren't very good.  I have also found that the new DC shoes don't give much support to students moving in physical education class.


If your child for some reason can't participate in class due to an illness such as a broken arm, sprained ankle, cold etc., please send a note with your child to class.  All children are expected to try unless a note or communication has been sent.