Reading Practice


MCA Reading Practice
A GREAT SITE FOR MCA PRACTICE!!! This is an online test for your students to take based on the Texas State tests. They must take the entire test, then they can get a printout of their scores. Scroll down to the section marked April 2004 TAKS. Grades 3-6, Math and Reading.

MCA Pearson Perspective
You can participate more fully in your child's education. The information and resources on this site will help you understand the information on the Individual Student Report. With this understanding, you can explore a wide range of online learning activities designed to enrich and improve your child's knowledge and skills.

Online Reading Practice
This site is designed for students with limited English proficiency. It offers samples of standardized reading tests. These tests are labeled first through eighth grade. Instant feedback is not provided after completing each test, therefore, a parent would need to assist the student in finding the correct answer/s. This site is appropriate for students in grades three through six.

Reading test prep games