Second Grade Requirements


Outside Reading:
It is recommended that each child read at least 20 minutes a day. A reading calendar will be sent home each month for you and your child to keep track of their reading minutes.  Our goal is to read 300 minutes outside of school each month.  You will need to total their reading minutes, sign the calendar and return it at the end of each month please.  It will benefit your child greatly! 



Each Monday second graders will be given their spelling sheet for the week.  Please practice during the week. A post-test will be given each Friday.


Practicing addition and subtraction flashcards 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes is recommended to help obtain mastery. 

Every so often a
yellow math paper will come home that will explain what we are working on in the classroom.  Your child should complete it that night at home.  Please sign it and have your child return it to school the following day.  At the beginning of each math unit a parent letter explaining what we will be learning will come home.  Those parent letters are yours to keep.

Please remember that 20 minutes a day is the recommended amount of homework for second graders in Owatonna.