Students will be participating in a weekly Book Club where students are reading books at their individual level and sharing with their classmates.

•  Students are expected to read 20 -25 minutes daily at home.


•  Students are expected to know their math facts.  Daily practice is expected. 

•  Students are also expected to know their math vocabulary.        Math Vocabulary

•  Please review math study links that are sent home at the beginning of each unit. 

•  Students will have daily homework regarding the study link packet and possibly other math box pages found in the student journal.  Please use the student reference book for help.


• Students will study spelling on a weekly basis.  Words Studies will be done on a daily basis in the forms of blind and blind writing sorts, word hunts, and speed sorts.  These activities are expected to be recorded in the students spelling notebook and will be checked on a weekly basis. 

•  Students are also responsible for the 100 "No Excuse" spelling list.  Students will be given a weekly practice quiz regarding 10 of the words chosen at random.
                     "No Excuse" Spelling List


•  Units covered throughout the year:  Plant and Animal Classification (tree leaf , invertebrates/vertebrates), Earth Processes, Erosion, Simple Machines

•  Taught by Mrs. Roberts

Social Studies:

• Students will be starting the year studying the American Revolution.

•  Students will complete the D.O.G. in homeroom or as homework to be graded in Social Studies.

•  Taught by Mr. Tolle


•  Students will be utilizing the expectations of 6 + 1 Traits of writing.  Students will complete various projects throughout the year. Students will also



Click here for the Assignment Guidelines
    •  Assignments are given daily.
    •  Students can expect to have approximately 50 minutes of homework a night.
  •  Students are expected to show their COMPLETED assignments to their parents and we ask that parents sign  the assignment notebook when they have seen the completed assignment.